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Build up professional image

Despite of the career stages you are pursuing, a professional portrait allows you to enlighten the LinkedIn profile and complete your comprehensive curriculum vitae for job-seeking purpose. With our exclusive image, building up a professional profile for your career path is simple and easy than ever.

1st pose $280,$150 each for the subsequent photo(s)

Shooting, retouching, printing and HD digital copy are included in the price

The process takes around 30-45 minutes. Numerous photos will be shot while only the satisfied photos will be charged.

ProtraitPro | Professional portrait | LinkedIn photo

Studio Photobi can provide you a professional portrait with a reasonable pricing and no preparation work required. Just show up with a confident smile and in 30 minutes, a professional portrait will be ready for you to step into your next career milestone.

01  design 

We dedicate the most flattering lighting and provide postures advices to you.

02  shooting 

We guide you to pose 4 different body gestures. We highly value your needs, so comments and ideas are always welcome.

03  selection

We guide you to pick out the photo with the most intelligent look, and apply retouching appropriately to suit your needs.

04  retouch 

We provide retouching on skin repair, facial and body gestures balance and color toning.

We always welcome your involvement during the retouching process, feel free to provide any comments. 

what we focus


Skin repair technique

| Truly natural skin with no blemishes and flaws even |

| Correct unflattering facial features and dimensionto your portraits |

| Accurate hair color, skin tone, body gestures correction |

One-on-one service

From posture guiding, lighting, shooting, photo selection to retouching, you can directly communicate with us to make sure the photo(s) is perfect<

Perfect photo quality

| Canon premium 12 color photo printer |

| 90s express printing |

| A1 size printing if needed |

| Free HD digital copy |

professional portrait



With the exclusive technology from Korea, the photos will be retouched naturally and photos can be ready in 20-30 minutes.



Please arrive at the studio 10 mins prior to the scheduled time. We offer business suit renting service (fee: $30).

Changing room and dressing area are free for you to freshen up by using the provided hair products.



Tell us the purpose and ideal style of the photo, photographer will adjust the lighting and provide posture advice for you.



The photographer will guide you to do 4 different body gestures with different angles, do not hesitate to provide opinion on it.


Photo selection

Select the photo(s) you need to do the retouch, retoucher will provide suggestions and advice to you



We will do the photo retouch immediately, feel free to have any suggestions during the retouching, we can adjust the photo according to your favor. (If multiple photos have been chosen, it may require up to 2-3 days to finish the retouch, depending on the quantity of photos)


digital copy

You can get your digital copy via email by the computer in the waiting area for free. It is a high resolution JPEG file which is suitable for re-print in future.



Photos will be ready in 5-10 mins, you can pay by cash or Payme.


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Suggest to prepare the suit by yourself.