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【Korea style photography service】

HK$150 - photography.retouch.12copies. digital copy

All processes will be completed within 30 mins.(photography>retouch>printing>email digital copy)

Suitable for passport photos / Visa / job applications etc,.

The well-known Korean photography studio branch in Hong Kong. Introducing the unique retouching skills from Korea, with the same technique and equipment in Korea, you can experience the true Korean style of passport photo taking.



Professional Studio Equipment

Lighting effects specially designed for highlighting the pronounced facial features.

The own-designed lighting effects focus on portrait photography, and using CANON full-frame digital SLR camera, the flagship equipments capture all the details perfectly.

One-to-one retouching

Individualized retouch level

Sitting next to the retoucher to participate in the retouching process, we will retouch it according to your requested.

In order to retain the authenticity of the photo, we may retain some defects on face. 

Skin repair technical

Showcase your best 

Our retouching team is trained by headquarter in Korea, and after a lot of exercises, our teammates can quickly and accurately repair your facial defects during the one-to-one retouching process.

Whether it’s acne, sore marks, blackheads, scars, dark circles, skin inflammation, swelling, or rough pores, we can reduce or even completely repair your skin.

Original retouching plug-in

Balanced face shape & adjust the features

A variety of retouching plug-ins specially designed for ID photo, which can solve some problems which difficult to be solved with makeup, such as “skinned face”,”high and low shoulders”, “side mouth smile”, “One bigger eyes”, etc.

Perfect quality. HD digital copy

Professional printing in 12 colours.

Using the best printer by Canon to print the photo with the highest sharpness and accuracy,.

Get your photo in 5mins.Free softcopy

Printing process is about 5 minutes, you can send the softcopy to your email by computer at the same time.


[1] arrive

Please arrive at the studio 10 mins prior to the scheduled time. We offer business suit renting service (fee: $30). Changing room and dressing area are free for you to freshen up by using the provided hair products.


[2] photography

Photographer will shoot 10-15 pictures for you, please try different smiles to compare afterwards.


[3] selection

Retoucher will select the best 3 pictures among all pictures.

During this process, retoucher and photographer will provide professional advises and suggestions for you.

If you have any problem about the pictures, we are glad to shoot again for you.


[4] retouching

The chosen picture will be retouched immediately , do not hesitate to give any advice to the retoucher, the retouching level will be adjusted  according your need.

[5] printing

12 copies of pictures will be printed within 5 minutes, if you need other sizes or extra copies, you can get 12 extra copies with $30.

[6] digital copy

You can get your digital copy via email by the computer in the waiting area for free. It is a high resolution JPEG file which is suitable for re-print in future.

[7] payment

photos will be ready in 5-10 mins, you can pay by cash or Payme.


Make up service

Make up service by MUA

In collaboration with MUA Makeup Artists Group to provide makeup service to customers.


Before the photo shooting, the makeup artist will help you to do facial cleansing, makeup and hair styling. Coordinating with specially designed lighting and skin repair technique, your skin will look flawless in every pictures.


**Reservation is needed prior to 2 days before shooting via WhatsApp**

Business suit rental service

Clothing rental service

We offer shirts and black blazers in different sizes for both men and women, you can ask for assistance in studio.

Online visa application / E-visa

Online application / E-visa

We can provide the digital copy which is according to the specifications of the visa, e.g. visa for china, US, Vietnam or other countries.

Please feel free to ask for assistance if you have any problem about the photos during visa application.





Unit A , 7/f, Oriental House, 24-26 Argyle St., Mongkok, Kowloon.

Tel or WhatsApp: 9665 8066

Business hour: 11:00 to 20:00 

Standard & Common format

All photos will meet the requirements. (Including the Home Return Permit)

Please tell us the purpose of the photo before shooting to
ensure the photo will be suitable for your need.

香港特區護照 | HKSAR Passport

| 證件相 尺寸: 40*50mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 32-36mm |

BNO | 英國簽證、護照 | UK VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 35*45mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 29-34mm |

澳洲護照 | 澳洲簽證 | AU VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 35*45mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 32-36mm |

台灣護照 | 入台證 | Taiwan VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 35*45mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 32-36mm |

加拿大護照 |簽證 | CA VISA | Passport

| 證件相 尺寸: 50*70mm |
| 護照相 頭部尺寸: 31-36mm |
| 簽證相 尺寸: 35*45mm |
| 簽證相 頭部尺寸: 31-36mm |

中國護照 | 回鄉證 | China Passport

| 證件相 尺寸: 33*48mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 30-34mm |

美國簽證 | 印度簽證 | US VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 50*50mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 28-35mm |

其他歐洲國家簽證 | EU VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 35*45mm |
| 頭部尺寸: 32-36mm |

越南簽證 | Vietnam VISA

| 證件相 尺寸: 40*60mm |

各種護照及簽證適用 (包括回鄉證連合格證)


More passport and visa photo specifications

HK | China | Taiwan | Japan | MacauAustralia | UK | Indonesian | US | Canada | Vietnam | IndiaThailand

Passport Photo

Preparation before taking passport photo

  1. If you need to take photos, please make an appointment in advance. If you need to make an appointment for makeup services, please inform us  at least 2 days in advance and pay the makeup fees in advance.
  2. Recommend to get enough sleep before a day.
  3. Keep your lips moist. 
  4. Trim your beard, facial hair, eyebrows, etc. 
  5. Understand the specifications of the photo ID before shooting, and wear proper clothing to shoot.
  6. We offer rental of shirts and black blazer. If you have high hygiene requirements, it is recommended to bring your own clothing. We also recommend wearing clothing that fits you best.
  • Colour
  1. Avoid wearing white or light color top because most of the passport photos require white background color
  2. Please don’t wear all-black top if you have long black hair.
  • Style
  1. Avoid wearing low cut or off shoulder tops and camisoles to shooting. it looks like naked after the photo is cropped.
  2. Wear proper clothing according your need, tops with collar, such as shirts, blazers, are recommended
  • Make up&Hairstyle
  1. Make-up must not be too heavy as some ID photo’s requirement that it be specified that no heavy makeup (such as a China Home Return Permit).
  2. The makeup should be mainly brightened, and the makeup effect is recommended to be light and natural
  3. Please don’t using your hair to hide your face.

Hong Kong passport photo requirement

The photograph should show your full frontal face with clear facial features.

The photograph should have a plain white background.

The size of the photograph must be 40mm (width) X 50mm (height). The size from chin to crown for the person in the photograph should be 32mm to 36mm. There should be sufficient headroom.


When you take the photo, please do not wear head dress, and avoid heavy make-up and overly dark or overly light-coloured clothing.

The photograph will not be accepted if the applicant in the photograph is:

  • Not centred
  • Wearing a frame across eyes
  • With hair across eyes or eyebrows
  • Seen with flash reflection on face/glasses
  • With shadow
  • Too light
  • Too dark

Your photograph will be personalised on the data page of your passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes by laser engraving. The quality of the image that appears on your passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes will depend on the quality and colour of the original photograph you furnish.

Please do not fold, staple, or write on the back of the photograph, or attach the photograph to the application form by paper clip. Otherwise, the photograph will become unsuitable for passport or Document of Identity for Visa Purposes personalisation.

An application with a substandard photograph will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant.

Acceptable File Format of Digital Photograph Submitted through Internet and Mobile App of the Immigration Department (For passport application only)

Image type: JPEG
File size: 5MB or below
Acceptable dimension:

  • Captured by scanner (600dpi) – Photograph size: 40 mm(W) x 50 mm(H)
  • Captured by digital camera – Image size: at least 1200 px(W) x 1600 px(H)
Chinese Version: 香港護照相片規格

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