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日本簽證相 | 護照相規格

Japan Passport Photo Requirements


Japan visa photo


證件相尺寸:  35-45mm 寬 x 45mm  長

證件相頭部高度: 32-36mm


  • 六個月內的照片
  • 面朝前方,眼望鏡頭,沒有帽子
  • 證件相必需淺灰色或白色背景,並打印於純白高品質相紙

Studio Photobi HK 提供韓式證件相服務,專業影樓燈光效果、一對一修圖、服裝租借、免費髮型用品、十五分鐘即取相,立即預約拍攝最美的證件相。

服務內容: 韓式證件相 | 專業形象照 | 全身相 (機艙服務員面試相) | 個人風格照 | 家庭/畢業相 | 愛情故事盒子



Other instructions about photograph for visa application, include the following:
* Picture should be easily identifiable
* Photographed within six months before application 
* Clear front, no hat, no background 
* The photo should be in color, but must have only a white background. 
    Photos with dark or patterned backgrounds will not be accepted. 
* 45 millimeters × 45 millimeters size (no edges)

資料來源: 日本国大使館